Friday, December 30, 2011

Butterflies and Caterpillar

The current header on this blog is a section of a fantasy embroidery that I stitched years ago.  It contains many weird little insects ... butterflies, moths, lady bugs, caterpillars etc.

Weird Little Animals for Michele's The Sampler Menagerie blog

The Sampler Menagerie  ~

I love the idea of Michele's new blog.

This blog is my gathering place for all the weird little creatures I've created in my samplers over the years, most of which will end up over at The Sampler Menagerie.

I love squirrels.  Even had one as a pet for awhile when I was a child ... until it bit my finger and my Dad said it was old enough and strong enough to release back to the wild.  He'd rescued it after its Mom was killed, and it used to snuggle in his shirt pocket and sleep.

I've placed squirrels in my samplers many times.  Squirrels are playful and resourceful.  Here's a nice link for the symbolism of these little guys.

Happy Stitching!